Welcome to the 3rd Trimester

Third Trimester – Weeks 29 to 40

You’re now on the final lap of your pregnancy. You’ll definitely be showing that baby bump by now, and aches and pains or mild, safe contractions may start helping your body to get ready for the real thing! Now’s the time to make sure you pack your hospital bag with essentials for you and baby, and maybe even choose a name if you know the gender!

Check out this video for Fetal Developement in the 3rd Trimester

Hospital Bag Essentials For Mum & Baby

It’s important to be well prepared to welcome your new baby into the world. Whilst your due date may provide some indication of when baby will arrive, there’s no telling exactly when they will make their grand first appearance. Having a hospital bag packed and ready to go will give you peace of mind.

Ideally, start packing the essential items a few weeks before your due date, or around 30 weeks if you're expecting twins / triplets. If you’re planning a home birth it’s just as important to have a hospital bag prepared in advance to avoid a mad last minute packing panic, should you need to go to hospital.

It’s best to choose a practical and functional grab and go bag for your hospital visit. A weekend holdall, a roomy rucksack, or small cabin bag on wheels are all ideal options. Just make sure that there are sufficient internal pockets and compartments in which to pack everything you need.

The Essentials

There are a number of essential items that you will need for you, baby, and your birth partner.

For You:

You may also want to include:

For Baby:

​Most new mums don't stay in hospital for too long after giving birth. When choosing essentials for baby it’s important that you consider the weather, and do your best to avoid over packing. Ideally, you should be able to pack baby’s items inside your grab and go hospital bag.

Don’t forget Dad or your birth partner:

It’s equally important to ensure that your birth partner is comfortable, as it’s their job to help you relax and enjoy the experience before, during and after the birth. Pack these items in a separate rucksack or holdall.

Signs of Labour

So, you’ve almost reached the end of your pregnancy, there have been ups and downs as your body has become accustomed to growing a brand-new life. But what are the early signs of labour to look out for?

When to head to the hospital

You’ve got a lot to look forward to, and there’s a lot of information to take in. Nine months may seem like an eternity, but the time will fly by and before you know it you’ll be swapping sleepless nights with an uncomfortable bump for sleepless nights with a bundle of joy!