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The Complete Pregnancy & Parenting Online Course has been developed by various professionals in the Mother and Baby Industry, including;

NHS Registered Midwife Abigail Latif,
Private Midwife - Bailey Warner, Hypnobirthing Expert - Anja Moncrieff, Registered Dietician - Nichola Ludlam-Raine, and Baby Sleep Coach Jemma Munford, Mini First Aid Founder - Kate

You're about to discover how much more enjoyable it is when you know what you're doing. When you feel confident, comfortable and less worried about birth and being a new parent, it's far easier to navigate those challenges you may face!

Whether you need some advice on what to expect in Pregnancy, how to have a calm birth, learn the best breathing techniques and positions for birth, learn how to breastfeed and position baby (Including TWINS), how to perform CPR on your little ones, advice on baby sleep and routines, weaning, pregnancy fitness and nutrition, what to expect in the early days after having baby, how to change, bathe and feed baby, babywearing advice, to toilet training tips...we have it all covered

Our professionals are here to GUIDE YOU along your


This is the MOST EXTENSIVE Pregnancy & Parenting Online Course
you will find that covers the following:


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Over 10 hours of Video content

checklists and pregnancy planner

*Dedicated Facebook Group to chat and meet other parents to be*

ALL FOR £38 ($47.99) Option to Pay In Instalments at checkout

Printables Included

As well as over 10 Hours of Video Content and supporting Information - you will also receive the following:

Printable Pregnancy Journal / Planner

A beautiful printable Pregnancy Journal & Planner to keep track of your pregnancy week by week, meal planner, appointments, birth preferences, checklists for naps, feeding, changing, baby essentials, hospital bag checklist, birth story, a nursery planner, baby milestones and postpartum checklists.

What Will I Learn?


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What will I learn and who are the experts?





Bailey Warner

Bailey is the founder and lead care provider at Your Private Midwife www.yourprivatemidwife.co.uk


Bailey covers all those Pregnancy frequently asked questions in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Trimesters

Trained and regulated alongside her NHS colleagues in the UK, Bailey has a passion to help you understand that pregnancy & birth is normal bodily function that rarely needs to be medically treated. Working outside of the mainstream maternity system, she provides individualised relationship-based care for women who might want extra support or full clinical care with an alternative provider. She is an expert in birth physiology and home birth, as well as extended postnatal support.

You can find her at www.yourprivatemidwife.co.uk or over on the grid @your_privatemidwife

Read our blog on the benefits of a private midwife here




Labour & Birth

Abigail Latif

Abigail Latif: NHS, NMC Registered Midwife and Founder of Maternal Matters

Are you wondering what to expect In Labour & Birth?

Abigail is a mother of three children and has over ten years experience working within the NHS as a Midwife. She has worked in various maternity settings (Birth suites and community midwifery). She also owns Maternal Matters where she helps women throughout Pregnancy & Early Motherhood.

You can find Abigail at www.maternalmatters.co.uk



Anja Moncrieff

Anja is a Holistic Pregnancy Coach specialising in Hypnobirthing, she is founder of www.hypnobirthingwithanja.com

Hypnobirthing with Anja

Are you anxious about birth? Do you want to know how to have a calm birth, learn the best breathing techniques to avoid tears and assisted delivery? Anja will be guiding you on your journey to a calm birth.

You will learn the following in this module:

* What is Hypnobirthing? * The physiology of birth - how does your body work in labour, stages of labour and how to work with your body in the birth process

* How to breathe in labour and stay relaxed and focussed during contractions. The best techniques, how they work, when to use them

* Why fear can cause more pain in labour and how to eliminate it for a calm/positive experience

* How your birth partner can play a hands-on role in the birth

* How to ask questions of your care team to make informed choices to have an empowering birth

* Anja has also created some Hypnobirthing audio's to help you relax



Nichola Ludlam-Raine

Nichola is a specialist Registered Dietician with 10 years of clinical experience working for the NHS. She is a regular on the BBC Breakfast Sofa. She has appeared on CBBC's Newsround, ITV Tonight, as well as several Prime Time shows on Channel 4 and 5. www.nicsnutrition.com

Are you wondering what to eat during Pregnancy? What will help with morning sickness? Which supplements you should be taking and their benefits, How to have a healthy pregnancy? If your breastmilk will be affected if you eat certain foods?

In the Pregnancy Nutrition module you will find:

Meal Plans for 1st, 2nd & 3rd Trimesters (Managing Morning Sickness, Eating for Indigestion & Constipation, Eating for energy) foods to eat / avoid in Pregnancy, which supplements to take and their benefits to you and baby, advice on foods to avoid if vegan or vegetarian, Pregnancy Nutrition FAQ'S, and a useful nutrition checklist.

In the Breastfeeding Nutrition module you will learn:

Why it's important to look after yourself when breastfeeding (not just for baby, but your mental health too), how your diet may affect your breastmilk, supplements that will benefit breastfeeding mums, tips for breastfeeding on a vegetarian diet and more...


Premature Birth

Bliss Charity

Bliss exists to give every baby born premature or sick in the UK the best chance of survival and quality of life. Bliss has grown into the leading UK charity for the 100,000+ babies born needing neonatal care every year www.bliss.org.uk

What to expect if you have a Premature Birth...

Bliss Charity has provided various resources (video's, podcasts and printables) that parents would usually receive if their baby is in the neonatal unit. They cover everything from what to expect if your baby is premature, what happens if your baby needs to go to neonatal, your mental health and looking after yourself, what to expect on the neonatal ward and what everything means.

"As a mum of a premature baby born at 34 weeks, and twins born at 35 weeks I know how worrying it can be when your baby is taken away straight after birth. I wanted parents to be able to access this information and be prepared for what may happen if their baby was born premature. I know how much support Bliss Charity give to new parents of premature babies"


Baby Care

Tracey Sutton

Tracey has 18 years experience as a birth and postnatal doula, hypnotherapist and Hypnobirthing practitioner. Owner of The Bump & Baby Hideout

Do you know how to change baby? How to bathe a baby? Tracey is here to guide you through those Early Days

"I'm a big believer that women need information about what happens straight after they have delivered their baby and those early hours and days, as well as the early weeks. This module will make those first few weeks that little bit easier"


Baby Development

Aimee Booth

I’m Aimee Booth and I am a Specialist NHS Public Health Nurse / Health Visitor. It is my absolute privilege to work alongside families from the antenatal period until their child starts school aged five.

What is a Health Visitor? When will they visit after birth?

My role involves supporting the whole family in their transition into parenthood, providing evidenced based health information and support around anything that you may need such as feeding, sleeping, perinatal mental health, baby development and more. I am a mum of two amazingly exhausting children, Freddie who is four and Martha who is eleven months, so I am very much aware of the realities and challenges that motherhood can bring.

I go by the phrase that ‘Everyone wants to hold the baby, but who holds the mother?' My mission is to be just that, a hand to hold, who can guide you through this beautiful crazy thing called motherhood.


Infant Feeding

Clare Watson

Clare Watson, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and Founder of Nutrition and Nurture, a collaboration offering high quality infant feeding support and education, and the Breastfeeding Education in Pregnancy Project (BEPP UK)

Are you wondering how to breastfeed, or feeling anxious about it?

You may be wondering things like: How do I latch baby to my breast? How do I position baby? What happens to my milk if baby is premature? What happens if my baby has tongue tie? What happens when I go back to work?

Claire has extensive experience helping families with infant feeding and is very proud to have attained the prestigious IBCLC qualification.

She is passionate about working to ensure that parents are fully informed and feel supported in their decisions around infant feeding. It can be a very emotive and sensitive subject and the right help at the right time can make all the difference.

Claire has put together an extensive Infant feeding module which includes everything you need to know about Breast and Bottle Feeding.

In this module you will learn:

Benefits of breastfeeding, when to start, what to expect in the first few days, how to position baby and how position changes over time, how to know baby is getting enough milk, breastfeeding barriers - engorgement, hand expressing, supplements, tongue tie, breastfeeding and returning to work. We also cover bottle feeding options and FAQ's...and so much more

We have also Included Breast and Bottle Feeding logs that can be printed to keep track of feeds


Breastfeeding Twins

Kathryn Stagg

Kathryns Stagg is an IBCLC and Breastfeeding Counsellor with the Association of Breastfeeding Mothers. She is also a mum of twins and Founder of UK Registered Charity (1187134) Breastfeeding Twins & Triplets www.breastfeedingtwinsandtriplets.co.uk

Are you expecting Twins or Multiple babies? Are you wondering how to breastfeed multiple babies?

In the Breastfeeding Twins & Multiples Module you will learn:

Preparing to breastfeed, tandem feeding positions, babies born premature, full term babies, dropping top ups, hand expressing and more..

After a lack of specific breastfeeding support for multiple birth families, Kathryn she set up a group to support mums of multiples with breastfeeding. It has now become a UK Registered Charity 'Breastfeeding Twins & Multiples'. Our focus is to support families, training peer supporters and educating health professionals and breastfeeding supporters on supporting multiple birth families.


Baby First Aid

Kate Ball

Mum of six, Kate Ball set up Mini First Aid in January 2014, offering quality baby & child first aid classes to parents and carers. Mini First Aid now trains over a 1000 families each week in basic and life-saving first aid.

Would you know what to do if your baby was choking, had a seizure, or was unresponsive?

The Multi Award winning baby first aid modules are delivered in a relaxed and comfortable style and give you the confidence to know what actions to take if faced with a medical emergency.

Your mind will be put at ease knowing you will learn the following:

How to perform CPR on your baby / toddler, What to do if your baby is Choking, What to do if your baby has a Seizure, Meningitis awareness, Bumps, Burns, Breaks & Bleeding, giving you the peace of mind you deserve.



Sarah Almond Bushell & Lucy Upton

Sarah is a Registered Dietician with 20 years experience in the NHS as a Consultant and Founder of www.childrensnutrition.co.uk Lucy is a Registered Paediatric Dietitian and feeding therapist with over 10 years experience in the NHS, and Founder of www.childrensdietician.co.uk

Your Weaning Journey will be so much easier with the help of our professionals...

Sarah & Lucy have put together a beautiful weaning and allergens module as part of this course

You will learn:

How to know when your baby is ready for weaning, Baby led, spoon or mixed weaning, Baby nutrition - foods to eat, avoid and allergens, how to start weaning, responsive feeding, essential equipment, progression to stages 2 and 3, Weaning FAQ's

Sarah Almond Bushell - I’ve been working in nutrition for over 20 years and currently hold the highest position for a dietitian within the NHS as a Consultant, helping families with issues including feeding, food allergies, constipation, weight issues, diabetes and much more.

I’m passionate about getting the right nutrition messages out to mums & dads and blog for publications including Made for Mums, Gurgle, Mother & Baby and also the press such as The Guardian. I also support baby and toddler brands like Annabel Karmel and Tommee Tippee, helping them make the right decisions about food and nutrition.

Lucy Upton is a qualified Paediatric Dietitian and feeding therapist, practicing since 2010 when she graduated with her Master of Nutrition degree from the University of Nottingham.  She quickly chose to specialise in Paediatric Nutrition & Dietetics and has since enjoyed working with hundreds of children and their families in both specialist and clinical settings. Lucy is also a media Spokesperson for the British Dietetic Association and regularly contributes to peer articles for professional magazines


Baby Sleep

Jemma Munford

Jemma is a Qualified Holistic Sleep Coach, a Mum of two, Founder of Blissed out Babies www.blissedoutbabies.co.uk

Learn how to settle baby and get a better nights sleep...

Passionate about gentle and positive parenting, Jemma helps families of babies and young children to get better sleep using strategies that protect bonding and attachment. Jemma’s supportive coaching style empowers you as the parent to understand sleep and enables you to make practical changes that you are able to adapt throughout your parenting journey.

What will I learn:

The Sleep Module of the Pre and Post Natal course will cover everything you need to know about sleep in the first 12 months. From safe sleep and creating the perfect bedroom environment, what to expect in the early weeks, sleep myths, and how to create the perfect bedtime routine through to sleep hygiene and how to lay the foundations for your little one to sleep through the night.

It really is the perfect way to start as you mean to go on and help your child to sleep well from the beginning.



Nikki Bailey

Nikki is SlingaBaby Babywearing Consultant & Director of Dance Like a Mother CIC www.dancelikeamother.com

Looking at babywearing options but not sure where to start?

Nikki has put together a Babywearing module with lots of useful information.

In this module you will learn:

* The Positive Impact for Baby & Caregiver

* Safe Babywearing practices

* Positioning for baby for Age Range

* Different types of wraps & carriers and how to fit safely & comfortably


Baby Massage


Katie is a holistic sleep coach and baby massage/baby yoga instructor. Holistic Sleep coach Qualified OCN level 5

Now you can learn how to massage your baby and the benefits..

Katie has put together a Baby Massage Module with lots of useful videos showing you how to perform massage strokes to help soothe and relax your baby. You will learn all about the benefits of baby massage and conditions it can help with.

In this module you will learn:

Massage benefits for your baby, including improving weight gain, aiding digestion, improving circulation, and relieving colic. Massage is a great way for you and your partner to bond with your baby, and to help you relax.


Pregnancy Physio & Pilates

Nikki Kelham

Nikki is a Chartered Physiotherapist and Certified APPI Pilates Instructor and Founder of www.completepilates.co

Want to know how to get rid of those Pregnancy Aches and pains?

Nikki has been a Chartered Physiotherapist and Certified APPI Pilates Instructor for over 15yrs. I've specialised as an ante/post natal Pilates Instructor for 10yrs and I have many other qualifications that can help take a mum from any kind of birth all the way to fitness/strength training and beyond.

What will I learn in this module?

In this module we shall be talking about how the posture changes in both pregnancy and after having a baby. We shall look at why back and pelvic pain occurs and what we can do to help this. We will learn and practise how to use the core muscles together to protect from pregnancy complications and to manage and reduce post natal such as prolapses, urinary incontinence and tummy gaps. Along with some education about the forever changing body there will be Pregnancy and Post Natal specific Pilates suitable for complete beginners through to the most competent of Pilates students!


Pregnancy Workout

Robyn Ablott

Robyn is a pregnancy/postnatal exercise specialist and injury rehabilitation therapist, Founder Female Fitness Academy

Want to stay fit during pregnancy and tone your baby belly postpartum?

Robyn is a pregnancy/postnatal exercise specialist and injury rehabilitation therapist. I have 3 children and co-founded The Female Fitness Academy in 2012, a women’s-only fitness studio and exercise rehabilitation clinic. My mission is provide the opportunity for all women to enjoy a healthy, active pregnancy, prepare them to tackle the challenges of childbirth and to smoothly return to an active lifestyle post-pregnancy. My goal is to always empower women to feel strong and capable, both physically and mentally.

What will I learn in this module?

In this module you will learn workouts suitable for pregnancy and postpartum. A low Impact workout which will help you stay fit during pregnancy and also help you tone up after having baby


Perinatal Mental Health

Mind Charity

Mind Charity (UK Registered Mental Health Charity 219830) www.mind.org.uk

When you're experiencing a mental health problem, supportive and reliable information can change your life. That's what we do. We empower people to understand their condition and the choices available to them.

Mind Mental Health Charity have provided information to help you with mental health struggles you may face throughout Pregnancy and Motherhood. Different kinds of mental health conditions and how to spot them, listen to other mums who have experienced postnatal depression, anxiety and postpartum psychosis, treatments available and how to seek help




FREE Printable Downloads to keep you organised throughout Pregnancy and early Motherhood

We have provided lots of FREE Printables as part of our course: From a Birth Plans, Printable Pregnancy Journal, Hospital Bag Checklists, Infant Breastfeeding and bottle feeding logs, Baby Shower Planner, Nursery Planner, Meal Planners, Baby Sleep Checklists and more...

Check out the Full Curriculum CLICK HERE