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My Story so far...

I'm Rachael Kirkwood, a 35 year old mother of SIX beautiful children - Baby Orla, Identical twin boys Niall and Luke (2 years old), Mollie (3 years old), Oliver (aged 8), and step-mum to Oscar (aged 11). There's only 9 months between Mollie, Niall and Luke so all 3 will be in the same school year!

I decided to set up mumtobe.com as I wanted to share my experience of pregnancy and motherhood with 6 children. I've had a molar pregnancy, a high risk twin pregnancy, Induced, a forceps delivery, a planned c-section, 2 emergency c-sections, Group B Strep, premature labor, and a baby who spent 2 weeks in NICU.

Mama Sanctuary, Manchester

I own a UK FIRST Pregnancy & Motherhood Hub with a Baby Friendly Salon and Free Childcare. We opened our first MAMA SANCTUARY in November 2019. To read more about the Mama Sanctuary head over to www.mama-sanctuary.com

I have my own Children's brand and shop MOLLIE & OLI, featuring over 30 UK mummy businesses who make handmade baby and toddler clothing & accessories. www.mollieandoli.com

If you have a mum / baby business and would like to collaborate please email Rachael@mumtobe.com