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Our Fave Pregnancy, Baby & Parenting Books

Rachael Kirkwood

Our Fave Pregnancy, Baby & Parenting Books

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Rachael Kirkwood

The Pregnancy and Parenting sections of libraries and bookstores are bursting at the seams with books singing the virtues of various parenting styles, diets and opinions. It can be difficult to know where to start and unless you’re lucky enough to be a kept woman, there’s unlikely to be the time for much reading anyway! So, I’ve compiled this list of my non-fiction favourites and all come recommended for different things. Hopefully there’s something to suit you!

Hurrah for Gin: A book for perfectly imperfect parents – Katie Kirby

pregnancy book

My FAVE!! An illustrated picture book rather than a wordy tome, this book includes humorous and (brutally) honest anecdotes of modern parenting life. It’s a great gift and the perfect pick-up after one of those days where you’ve been driven to the brink of despair by your little darlings! This book is LOL Funny - I don't think I've laughed this much in a long time! If you're looking for a gift for a mum to be, or a new mum that thinks she's doing everything wrong -this is what she needs! Get it here

Truly Happy Baby… it worked for me! – Holly Willoughby

baby book

A Mumsnet-award-winning book (and that’s no mean feat!), Holly’s lovely and honest volume compiles all the advice she received before, during and after her pregnancies – as well as some handy shortcuts and tips that she picked up from ‘learning on the job’. This read bridges the knowledge gap without coming across as patronising. Perfect mum to be book with honest advice from one of the loveliest ladies on TV! Get it here

How to Grow a Baby and Push It Out – Clemmie Hooper

pregnancy book clemmie

Clemmie is a midwife and mum-to-four, which really gives her both a viewpoint and experience to advise and nurture mums through their pregnancy and birthing journeys. She’s not afraid to discuss points you won’t find widely talked about either, and whilst you might find points of this book a bit raw, rough and ready, it’s those parts you’ll remember – and those that you’d probably be too embarrassed to ask! Get it here

Happy Mum, Happy Baby: My adventures into motherhood – Giovanna Fletcher

happy mum happy baby

Giovanna has a writing style and attitude that’s really positive and up-lifting. Her book documents her own journey into motherhood with a focus on how you too can stay upbeat and happy, even on the most stressful of mummy days. Get it here

Parenting the Sh*t out of Life – Mother Pukka

parenting book

A brilliantly and crudely funny book, Parenting the Sh*t out of Life shares stories from a new mother and father, sharing their ‘horrors and humour’ of parenting. Everyone even considering starting a family should read this: it’s hilarious but honest and really helps reiterate the truth: we’re all winging it to some degree! Get it here

Happy – Fearne Cotton

happy fearne cotton

Not just a parenting book per se, Happy was the first step that Fearne took to admit that she was struggling with depression. This is a great read to refer to when you’re at your most frazzled, stressed and over-tired as a way of reminding you to find at least a glimmer of hope in every situation. Get it here

It’s Twins: Now What? – Jessica Bomford

twin pregnancy book

A must-read for me, this makes for an interesting read for those expecting twins. Looking at what it means to be a twin, twin development and growth and tips for establishing healthy food and sleep routines, it’s a life saver for anyone with multiple babies coming at once. Get it here

If you’ve read a great book and found it useful, please do share! Reviews and first-hand experiences of putting such tips into practice are invaluable for the community.

I've found all these books to be cheapest on Amazon - but do shop around as you can find them cheaper now and again in book stores

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