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Taking a Baby on Holiday - A Check-List

Stephanie Martin

Taking a Baby on Holiday - A Check-List

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Stephanie Martin

Travelling with a baby can feel daunting but making sure you have everything ticked off your checklist can help for a smoother and more enjoyable family holiday with a little one in tow.

5 top tips for preparing to travel abroad with your baby

  1. Even babies need a passport for travelling abroad - good news is you can apply online
  2. Check with NHS whether your baby will need any injections and apply for your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) in good time before your holiday.
  3. Keep baby happy with a flight that coincides with their sleep schedule to avoid disruption to the routine you have established at home. 
  4. Check what is available in your accommodation before you go to avoid packing everything except the kitchen sink.
  5. Get all of your important documents for travelling together. Before your jet off on your travels double check that you have the following documentation:
  • Passport
  • European Health Insurance Card
  • Airline tickets
  • Visas
  • Accommodation details
  • Family contacts
  • ID & money cards
  • Travel cheques/currency
  • Medication prescriptions (if needed)
  • Car hire docs (if needed)

What to pack for travelling abroad with baby  

Travel Accessories

Car Seat - a securely fitted car seat will ensure your little one is travelling safely by any mode of transport. You can take a car seat in the hold of most planes - check with your airline before travelling

Pushchair - a lightweight stroller will be ideal for travelling and getting out and about on most holidays. If you are expecting to do a lot of walking off-road though, an all-terrain pushchair may be better suited. You can take your pushchair on most flights free of charge - you will be asked to take baby out just before you get on the plane, you will then pick it up in the airport baggage section. Check with your airline before travelling

Baby Sling or Carrier - will allow you to keep your hands free when needed

Blanket - always handy to provide comfort and warmth for baby

Food & Drink

Expressed or Infant Formula - Take enough with you for your journey. For breastfeeding you may want to take a breast pump with you. 

Pack plenty of ready-made formula or formula powder to make up bottles when you are away.

Feeding Equipment - Don’t forget your bottles and teats. Also bibs, beakers, bowls and spoons for older babies. 

Sterilising Equipment - Microwave sterilising bags are super handy for travelling. 

Bottle Warmer - Milky Meter helps you warm baby's bottle in seconds to the right temperature. For breastmilk and formula.

Formula dispenser - A plastic container with dividers makes it easier to carrier pre-measured amounts of powdered formula milk.

Meals - Jars or tubs of either homemade or ready-prepared baby food. If you're flying, the usual restrictions on liquids don't apply to your baby's food and drink.

Snacks - Pack plenty of snacks for little ones to munch on such as rice cakes and fruit bars. 


Lightweight clothing - For warmer climates pack lightweight clothes to keep little ones cool and to not weigh your case down any further. Don’t forget a sunhat to keep their head and face protected. 

Layers - If you are going somewhere cool, take clothes that are easy to layer to keep baby comfortable at all temperatures. 

Spare clothes - Check if you have laundry facilities where you are staying, if not, make sure to add some spare outfits to your luggage, just incase. 

Bath & Bed

Toiletries - Small bottles of your usual baby bath toiletries will be ideal for your travels. 

Bath plug - An universal bath plug will fit any plughole and could come in handy for turning the sink into a baby bath.

Travel blackout blinds - It is well worth investing in a travel blackout blind to keep your baby’s normal sleep routine when on holiday to block out the sunlight. 

Pyjamas  - Pack comfortable sleepsuits or pyjamas for a cosy night’s sleep.

Health & Safety

Nappies - You will need plenty of nappies while you are away. Be sure to pack swim nappies, nappy cream, nappy bags, wipes, and a travel changing mat for on the go changes.

Suncream - Take suncream designed for little ones at least SPF 50 and high UVA & UVB protection for baby’s sensitive skin. 

First-aid kit - You can buy a compact first aid kit with the essentials to pop in your luggage. There should be plenty of pharmacies where you are staying so don’t worry about taking too many supplies with you.

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