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Benefits of a Private Midwife

Bailey Warner

Benefits of a Private Midwife

Written by
Bailey Warner

The landscape of maternity services in the UK is undergoing a significant transformation. It's exciting and innovative and a wave of new options and opportunity is making its way to the mainstream. Women are increasingly seeking birth experiences that align with their personal values and desires, a trusting in providers they can easily access and its leading to a growing demand for alternative care models outside of the traditional hospital setting. Privately practicing midwives are at the forefront of this change, offering women the opportunity to make informed choices and experience birth on their own terms. In this feature blog about the changes afoot in modern day midwifery, we will explore how private midwives are facilitating home births, supporting new choices and providing comprehensive care for women from various backgrounds, helping them navigate their unique challenges.

What is a private midwife?

Private midwives prioritise women's autonomy , their personal story and actively involve them in the decision-making throughout their pregnancy and birth journey. We work for you & help put you at the centre of it all, right where you should be. After all ,it’s you that has to go through it, so why shouldn’t you be the main character of the story. By creating strong relationships based on trust and open communication, private midwives empower women to take back control of their birth experiences. This approach allows women to explore a whole range of options, including home births, which can provide a more intimate and familiar environment for labour and delivery. As well as improving overall outcomes for mum, babe and the surrounding family.

Facilitating Home Births

One of the key advantages of private midwifery care is the ability to facilitate home births. Home birth has been on the decline within the UK due to several influential factors, Many services within the traditional care models have been suspended due to insufficient staffing, reduced skill mixes and increasing rates of intervention, limiting access for many to this beneficial birth space. For women who desire a home birth, private midwives provide guaranteed comprehensive antenatal, intrapartum, and postnatal care in the comfort of their own homes. This personalised approach ensures that women feel supported and safe throughout the entire birthing process. Creating relationships of trust and security that enable women to prioritise themselves in the space. Private midwives bring all the necessary equipment and supplies to the home, including emergency medical equipment, a birth pool, comfort measures and pain relief should you wish, ensuring that the birth environment is as safe as possible.

home birth
Home Birth with Bailey

Supporting Women with Risk Factors:

Contrary to popular belief, private midwives are equipped to care for women with a wide range of risk factors & challenges. They have the expertise and experience to manage pregnancies with conditions such as gestational diabetes, raised BMI or previous caesarean sections. Private midwives work collaboratively with other healthcare professionals, such as obstetricians and specialist consultants, to ensure that women receive the most appropriate and holistic care for their unique circumstances. Ultimately giving you the permission to make your own choices around your care. At the very centre of what they do is the birthing woman. Helping her access up to date evidence, navigate how to apply that to their individual circumstances and allowing them to work through and questions or concerns before supporting whatever decision they come to.

Continuity of Care:

This has been a huge buzz word within mainstream NHS care provision. Private midwives offer guaranteed continuity of care, meaning that the same midwife or a small team of midwives will support a woman throughout her entire pregnancy, birth, and postnatal period. This continuity allows for a deep understanding of the woman's individual needs, preferences, and medical history. It fosters a strong bond between the midwife and the woman, creating a sense of trust and security. Continuity of care has been shown to improve birth outcomes, increase satisfaction rates, and reduce the need for medical intervention, it’s a gold standard of care that women are truly longing for and absolutely deserve.

How much does a Private Midwife cost?

Investing in Your Birth Experience can be a Priceless Decision. Picture this: you, your cosy home, and a caring trusted midwife who's solely focused on making your birth experience uniquely yours. That's what private midwifery is all about – tailoring your care to your needs, wishes, and dreams. But let's address the elephant in the room – the cost.

Breaking Down the Investment

Choosing the path of personalised care does come with a price tag, but think of it as an investment in your peace of mind and a bespoke journey into motherhood. And a 12 month journey for many to meeting your baby and long-term support after the birthday has been and gone. Private midwifery typically involves a fee that covers a range of services – prenatal care, birth support, and postnatal guidance, around £6000-£8000 for full care packages, with payment plans available through many midwives.

Here's the scoop though: your private midwife is like a birthing best friend, ensuring you have consistent support throughout your entire pregnancy, birth, and those crucial post natal weeks. It's about building a relationship, trust, and tailoring every step to your unique story.

NHS -The Free Option for many

Now, let's talk about our beloved National Health Service (NHS). It's like a superhero – it's there for everyone, regardless of financial status. The NHS offers free maternity care, making it an accessible choice for many. You'll get regular check-ups, scans, and the essentials to keep you and your baby healthy.

But, and there's always a but, the system can be stretched. Medicalised & intervention centred. Appointments may feel a bit rushed, and the personal touch might not be as prominent as with private midwifery. It's a fantastic option for many, but some mums crave that extra TLC that comes with having a private midwife by their side & know they deserve better than what is currently on the table.

Private midwife uk
Bailey - Your Private Midwife

The True Cost: It's Your Priority.

So when pondering the cost, ask yourself: What's my priority? If it's personalised care, a deep connection, and having someone who truly knows your story, private midwifery might be the perfect fit. Remember, it's not just about the pounds and pence; it's about investing in an experience that leaves you feeling empowered, heard, and ready to embrace the incredible journey of motherhood. Research shows us that birth is also a social and economical subject, with better birth experience living long into the future of women and their wellbeing, reducing health risks in the long term and better longevity outcomes for babies that save health investment later down the line.

The changing landscape of maternity services through privately practising midwives in the UK; is providing women with more options and control over their birth experiences. These midwives are playing a crucial role in this transformation by offering relationship-based care, facilitating home births, and supporting women with various risk factors. By embracing & encouraging choice, autonomy, and continuity of care, private midwives are empowering women to make informed decisions and embark on unique and positive parenting journey, changing the narrative around birth & teaching a new generation of birthing women that they deserve better. And as the demand for personalised and woman-centred care continues to grow, private midwives are reshaping the future of maternity services in the UK.

Bailey is a Privately Practising Midwife in Yorkshire & The North of England, having had private midwifery care both her own children & specialising in supporting home-births throughout her decade long midwifery career she, along with others, are providing services that women are very much calling for. She is the go-to Birth Bestie & is supporting women across her network to birth on their own terms & write their own narrative. If you would like to access her care & discuss how she could support your pregnancy, birth & long term postnatal care then you will find her at or over on Instagram @your_privatemidwife

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