10 Things to Do Before Baby Arrives

Rachel Kirkwood

You’re counting down to your due date, your new bundle of joy is almost ready to make a debut appearance and whilst this time should be an incredibly exciting time during your pregnancy we know many women find this to be an overwhelming experience. Firstly, we would like to remind you that you are not alone! Expectant mothers and even fathers will be feeling the pressure as they try to prepare themselves to be the perfect parents they look up-to. Just remember to listen to your instincts, whilst health professionals and existing parents know plenty about babies, you already know your baby better than anyone. It’s important to tune in to what your baby and body are saying. Before things get too overwhelming, we want to give you our top 10things to do to be as prepared as you can be for the next stage of your pregnancy – the 4th trimester.


Enjoy your partner

No seriously, spend all day in bed eating snacks and watching Netflix, get out the board games or go for a walk – if you’ve still got the energy to do so. Soon things will change dramatically and whilst time with your partner is important even after the birth finding endless hours to be just you and them will become a little trickier. Maybe the best way to spend your time is to plan ways to make time for each other even when the baby becomes the centre of your worlds.


Put together a playlist

This is something you’ll be able to enjoy even after the birth, and who knows when times get really overwhelming listening back to the songs you love might make the world feel a little easier. You can even go as far as making one for different moods - from energetic, to calming, music is a great tool for relaxation and feeling like yourself.


Do the last few baby things left on your list

From installing the car seat, double-checking the hospital and making sure you’ve planned out the ideal coming home outfit there are always a few last-minute baby things you can do to get yourself excited for the birth. During this time it’s a good idea to go over your ideal birth plan but remember to be flexible, often these moments don’t go exactly how you have planned and the more flexibility you pre[are for the less likely you are to be disappointed with how things turn out.


Deep clean your home

You'll get to a point in Pregnancy (typically 3rd Trimester) where you hit the 'nesting' stage and feel the urge to clean and organise everything! Before baby arrives you should give the house a good clean....unless baby arrives earlier than planned.

Whether you pay a professional, do it yourself or recruit some friends to help, getting your home clean and tidy will cleanse your mind in preparation for the birth and be a great way to feel that you have things in order. Plus it’ll stay clean for at least a few days afterwards which is an experience you should enjoy in itself! A new baby, lack of sleep and adjusting your entire routine will likely throw your cleaning schedule a little out of whack.


Get your birth announcement and name announcement plan in check

Sharing the news of your new arrival and announcing their name (if you’ve chosen to keep it a secret) is a time your friends and family will join you in celebrating with great excitement. We know you’ll want this moment to be perfect but after the exhaustion of labour keeping it simple will likely be the more appealing option. Picking the most important people to tell first and then sharing on social media later is usually the way to go but if you want something different don’t be afraid to get creative.  


Make a list of things you’ll do during “you time”

Soon you’ll be wrapped up in the baby world and whilst this may be the best time in your life it’s still important to have"you time". This is time to enjoy being you without the trails of motherhood. It’s important to schedule this to maintain a sense of your own self after giving birth. But knowing what to do during this time can be difficult, especially if you have household chores and other jobs staring you in the face. That’s why we recommend making a personal to-do list with all the things you will enjoy during the time that’s just for you; pick out some new books, pull out your all-time favourite movies or sign up to a magazine subscription. There are plenty of little things you can do to keep yourself feeling sane even when the baby world becomes the centre of everything.


Have a girly night

Catching up with your girl friends over a movie, mocktails, a takeaway and a pamper will cheer you up. If you're wanting one last night of freedom with the girls, get glammed up and head to your fave restaurant for some lovely food.


Browse online for your post bump wardrobe 

Getting back into none maternity clothes is something to celebrate and having some new clothes that make you feel confident after birth is a win-win. Browse online or plan a mini shopping spree for after baby is born. Either way, this is a great way to get yourself excited for losing the bump.


 Do some money-saving research

It’s no hidden secret that babies are expensive.Without research, it can be easy to buy overpriced products or pick out unnecessary items altogether. Do some research on the things you’ll need and where to find the most affordable items for all the upcoming stages of your babies life. Read reviews, compare prices and get geeky with the numbers –you’ll be surprised by how much you can save.


Write a letter to baby

Sentimental and special a letter to your baby will be a great way to write down how you are feeling during this time. Saving it in a time capsule to someday give to your baby will make for a very cherished gift that will be held dearly for many years. Just remember to be yourself in the letter, after all the baby will have been raised by you!

We hope these 10 things to do inspire you and help you feel as though you have achieved everything you wanted before giving birth.

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