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Bringing a baby into the world can be expensive, especially with so many modern baby products on the market. If you are a first-time parent, you may be unsure of which items are worth investing in and which products can be left on the shelf.

Take a look out our must-have and nice-to-have baby essentials guide to tick off as pregnancy progresses and your due date approaches. 

Sleep time

  • The safest place for your baby to sleep is in their own cot, in the same room as you until they are at least six months old. Many parents opt for a portable moses basket or a crib next to their bed.
  • Whether you choose a cot, crib or moses basket for your baby’s first bed, you will also need to buy a supportive mattress and sheets to ensure baby is comfortable. 
  • For cooler nights you can use a cellular blanket or a sleeping bag to ensure baby stays at a constant temperature. 

Car seat

  • A rear-facing car seat will be needed for your car ride home and many journeys to come to ensure your little bundle is as safe as possible.
  • There are many different car seats on the market, all designed for a specific age and height. A newborn baby will need a Group 0, 0+ or i-size car seat designed specifically for babies. Read child car seat laws for more information.

Pushchairs, Travel System or Carrier

  • Find a pram which allows newborn babies to lie flat with both rain cover and sunshade features.
  • A travel system is an interchangeable pushchair with a car seat and carrycot - an easier option for transporting a sleeping baby.
  • Baby carriers or slings have many benefits and gives you freedom to do other things.

Baby clothes

  • Newborn skin is very delicate. That is why cotton is the best fabric for your baby’s skin. 
  • When dressing your little one, open stretch necks wide so you can ease your baby's head through them. Reach through sleeves and legs first to help guide wiggly hands and feet. 
  • It is often easiest to dress your infant on the changing table or floor.


  • It is important to sterilise baby bottles before each use, for at least the first 12 months of your baby's life, so it’s vital to use sterilising equipment.


  • Baby’s tend to need changing about 10-12 times a day, so make sure you find the right nappies to suit your newborn.
  • Disposable newborn nappies usually have added features for new babies such as a wetness indicator to alert parents when baby needs changing and a cord cut out area to take care of belly buttons.
  • Reusable nappies are chemical free, kind to baby’s skin and fully adjustable (one size fits all)


  • A baby bath or bath support that sits in the bath are incredibly handy when bathing a teeny, wriggly and slippery baby.


  • A baby monitor gives parents an extra set of ears (or eyes if you opt for a video baby monitor) and allows you to leave baby to sleep peacefully if you need to move around the house.
  • Thermometers are a great way to get a fast accurate reading to ensure your child’s safety. 

Out and about

  • Getting out and about with babies means taking all the essentials with you, for every eventuality. Choose a practical changing bag which can hold feeding essentials, nappies, wipes and a change of baby clothes.
  • Changing bags often come in either backpack or shoulder-bag style.
  • Features can include folding changing mat or insulated bottle holder.

Must-have baby essentials

Cot (+ mattress, mattress protector, sheets & blanket)

Car seat

Pram/travel system/carrier

6-8 sleepsuits

6-8 vests/bodysuits

2 cardigans

Soft cotton hat, mittens and socks

Nursing bra, breast pads, nipple cream

Bottles/teats/steriliser/bottle brush (if not breastfeeding)

Changing mat

Nappies - Disposable nappies / reusable nappies

Towels, flannels, muslin clothes

Cotton wool pads

Soft hairbrush


Changing bag

Nice-to-have baby items

moses basket/bedside crib (+ mattress, sheets & blanket)

Sleepyhead style bed 

Child view car mirror


Changing bag

Breast pump (if breastfeeding)

Perfect prep machine

Sterilising bags


Baby wipes

Nappy disposal bin

Nappy bags

Baby towel

Baby bath

Bath thermometer

Baby wash

Round-tipped nail scissors

Room thermometer

Baby monitor

Baby sleeping bag


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