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Who said maternity clothes were frumpy and unfashionable? We’ll bring you fashionable maternity outfit ideas and tips on creating looks for every occasion throughout your pregnancy. Not every piece of clothing you buy needs to be maternity wear, nor does it have to cost a fortune! We’ll bring you your fave celeb pregnancy styles on a budget.

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Style your Bump without Splashing the Cash on Maternity Wear

Whilst more brands are launching maternity ranges than ever, there really is no need to compromise on your personal style by buying a whole new wardrobe to see you through the later months of pregnancy. Remember: these may be clothes you never wear again and carrying a little one can be stressful enough without having to add on outfit anxiety too! Mumtobe has some great tips and tricks for staying stylish even without investing in expensive maternity wear.

Stick to your own style

Your wardrobe staples can stay for as long as they’re comfortable for you to wear, but when you do hit the point of feeling bigger than your current clothes can accommodate, size up. Your favourite blazers and jackets can be worn over bigger tops and can be bought in a size bigger without giving too much away. Accessories and jewellery can still be worn as you would have done before, so even when you feel clothing compromise coming along, accessorise to curb back your attire to your approved aesthetics.

Don't ditch your fave Jeans!

Your favourite jeans can be converted to maternity wear with these inexpensive little tricks:  

Waist extender - lots of mums-to-be swear by these elasticated pieces of fabric that attach to your jeans, trousers or skirts. These are perfect If you don’t want to buy a whole new work / casual wardrobe for the sake of 9 months. You can get them here.

Grab a hair bobble -  A hair bobble threaded back on itself through your button hole can keep your trousers together for a few months - I used this trick to get back into my skinny jeans post pregnancy, or, thankfully, high street retailers are beginning to recognise and adapt to the issues. Shops such as Topshop offer many of their existing jean styles in maternity options too, so you don’t need to spend too much on a style you may later decide you don’t like.

Embrace your bump; and showcase it!

A common fear amongst mums-to-be is that they’ll just look like they’ve put on weight; without it being obvious that they’re expecting. Fear not! There are lots of subtle ways to show off your bump without appearing overtly exposed.

Stretchy cotton dresses should see you through your first and second trimester and as you move into your third, dresses in a size up should keep you covered. Dig those stretchy 3/4 bodycon dresses out that you wore last summer - team them with a cardigan and flat shoes for a sophisticated bump look. Stick to plain colours with a neckline accessory and avoid chunky prints; these will distract from your new-found curves and make your bump less easy to identify.

Upcoming event? Stretch out

Wedding and formal event attire can be rare in maternity ranges, but there’s really no need to limit yourself. Lots of online retailers now offer a large range of dresses, suit trousers and bodysuits in stretchy materials that can fit and flatter your bump. If you’re not overly confident, try plus size ranges for something a little roomier. Wrap dresses can be extremely complementary and will see you through all stages of your pregnancy if long enough. Maxi dresses are great and comfy - Wrap ribbons / belts over the top of your bump and dress up with a nice pair of shoes and a jacket. Wrap dresses are also great for post-pregnancy as they hide a multitude of sins – so hang on to them even after baby has arrived!Wrap up warm

This was a dress I bought from Quiz - My twin bump at 18 weeks

Wrap Up Warm

Oversized jumpers are perfect for pregnancy as they’re meant to be baggy and are comfortable to spend a lot of time in. They can be dressed up or down as much as you like and when kept plain, are easily accessorised. Layering jumpers and other warm accessories such as hats, gloves and scarves is a great approach for pregnancy wear, as you may find your temperature fluctuates throughout the day and it will give you the opportunity to take layers off or add them on as you need to. Team with some stretchy leggings or your fave jeans for a winter look like Blake Lively.

Whatever you choose to wear during your pregnancy, keep comfortable. Style does not need to be ill-fitting nor should it cause you any discomfort, but you don’t need to splash the cash on maternity wear to get you though the next 40 weeks!