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Recommendations for the Top 5 Free Pregnancy Apps

As soon as I found out I was expecting a baby, I downloaded all the apps you could possibly imagine from the Apple App Store. It took a few trials and errors before I was recommending apps to my social circle and removing several from my phone.

So whether you are ready for your baby’s grand entrance or not, these apps I recommend will help you prep, plan and think about the journey ahead of you in a much more realistic and positive way.

The Top 5 FREE Pregnancy Apps:

1. Baby Budy

The Baby Buddy app from Best Beginnings is a fairly new app that hazs been designed specifically for young or first-time parents . The app has been developed by leading healthcare experts including: midwives, doctors and health visitors. The information is 100% accurate and offers everyday advice through pregnancy and the first six months of your baby’s life. It allows you to personalise the daily tips so that the app narrator talks directly to yourself and your partner. You can watch films on pregnancy and parenthood, set yourself goals, reminders on questions you want to ask your midwife and ask questions directly into the app.

It’s available to download for FREE on Android or iPhone devices.

Download onto Android device here.

Download onto Apple device here.

2. Ovia Pregnancy Tracker and Baby Countdown Calendar

If you’re expecting then this is one of my favourite ‘starter’ apps that helps you feel comfortable, supported and reassured throughout your magical journey. The Ovia app is a great app for daily articles, updates on your journey and watching your baby’s growth with adorable illustrations and fun size comparisons. The app features: weekly updates on your baby’s hand and foot size, pregnancy articles and top tips, a calculator to pinpoint your exact due date and countdown, a personalised area for you to store your own notes on your journey, a sleep tracker system, plus a supportive forum of other expecting parents.

This app is completely FREE and is available for Android and Apple devices.

Download onto Android device here.

Download onto Apple device here.

3. Emma’s Diary

I follow Emma’s Diary online anyways, so when I found out there was a pregnancy app I was very excited to find out more. The mobile app reminds you about each stage you are at and when you can collect your FREE pregnancy packs at your local Boots or Argos store. These packs are so worth picking up as they offer you lots of advice, tips and even come with some freebies to get your baby wardrobe started. You can also use the journal on the app to capture your weekly thoughts, feelings and milestones, plus there is even a weekly photo upload section which allows you to create your very own pregnancy lapsed video.

It’s a FREE app that is available for download on Apple and Android devices.

Download onto Android device here.

Download onto Apple device here.

4. Baby Story

If you enjoy capturing visual memories then this app is right up your street. Baby Story is an app that features: 15 different photo filters, different artwork options to edit your photo milestones with and over 100+ fonts to choose from. It’s an amazing app to capture your growing bump pictures with, your baby’s very first moments in life and even your pregnancy announcement.  

It’s completely FREE to download, but you have to pay extra for some of the editing features. Available to download onto Apple devices.

Download onto Apple device here

5. Aptaclub Pregnancy and Birth

The Aptaclub app provides you with all the tools necessary for preparing for labour. It’s designed by midwives and pregnancy advisers and supports you through the first days of pregnancy to post-birth. Its special features include: a contraction timer (the best one I have used/practiced with), a ready-made checklist for your hospital bag, birth plan and baby shopping list, timely tips depending on where you are on your pregnancy journey, expert articles to read and direct access to call the Aptaclub experts 24/7.

The app is completely FREE and available to download onto Apple or Android devices.

Download onto Apple device here

Download onto Android device here

So start your pregnancy journey in the right way by downloading the best FREE apps on the market.

Enjoy your journey!

This article was provided by Daisy from www.daisarella.com

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