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The Mama Sanctuary

I can now tell you our 3 storey Mama Sanctuary is going to be in Stockport Old Town. So excited! 3 floors dedicated to Mums & Mums to be. The response on our facebook page has been so overwhelming. Thanks so much to everyone that has left a comment and to all the businesses interested in the 3rd floor.

**Ground Floor - Hair & Beauty Salon**
Mum can feel comfortable taking her little one along if she doesn't have childcare. Mum will have the option to relax and let our dedicated childcare staff look after baby / toddler in a beautiful nursery room (you can keep a baby monitor with you), or keep baby next to her in our baby bouncers - if baby gets upset, wants to be cuddled or breastfed don't worry we understand. Childcare is free for the 1st child for the duration of your salon session. Older children are welcome after school or on a weekend. Bookings will be required as we have to limit numbers in the nursery area. We may get cancellations due to little ones being poorly - you're welcome to call on the day to see if we have any space.

I'm a mum of 5 (4 of them currently 2 and under, including Identical twins) - my nails currently look like a dogs been at them because I cannot get out to get them done. This is something I've dreamt about for a long time - as a mum I still want to look nice. Being a mum can be very challenging, you often feel like you've lost your identity and can struggle to get out of the house with a baby or toddler. Little things like not being able to get out of the house to do something for yourself can contribute to PND. I want anyone feeling low to know there is a place you can come where other mums are in the same boat, you can still look nice and you can bring baby with you. Not all new mums want to leave their baby with someone else. Here you will have the option.

We will have 2 sociable booths where you can get your nails done with a friend or chat to another mummy. I know how isolating it can be being a new mum, so as part of my www.mumtobe.com website I organise new mum meet ups in lovely places (not play centres) where mum can get glammed up, have something nice to eat and meet other mums with babies a similar age. I want my building to be somewhere mum can feel comfortable, somewhere she can relax and know your little one is ok to be there too. I know there's plenty of salons that say you can take babies but it gives me a great deal of anxiety knowing my baby could kick off and spoil everyone else's relaxing time. Whether you're pregnant, a new mum, mum that has a 15 year old or Grandma - all are welcome.

**Mezzanine Level**
2 Treatment Rooms with Flower Walls dedicated to pregnancy massage, facials, waxing etc

**2nd Floor - Mollie & Oli Childrens Interiors, Clothing and Gifts**
My very own wallpaper and fabric will be on show in our Mollie & Oli Shop. Handmade children's clothing and Interiors all made in the UK and designed by myself. I have 2 amazing illustrators that bring my visions to life. New Baby, Mum to be gifts and handmade clothing from select independent retailers. Would love to support as many local mummy businesses as I can.

**3rd Floor - Dedicated Space for Baby Showers and Pregnancy related Classes and new mum events**
The 3rd floor is a huge 10m x 5m space which will be hired out during the week to companies that offer Pregnancy Classes, Antenatal Classes, Baby First Aid Courses, Hyponobirthing Classes, Maternity Photography, sling library, midwife drop ins, mum and baby sling exercise classes and more. It will turn into a luxurious baby shower room on a weekend.

I work with a lot of baby companies through my mumtobe website - we will have plenty of free baby product samples dotted around

I'll be hiring a salon Manager to look after the ground floor, open and close the shop and manage the staff downstairs. Ill be running the 2nd floor and Stephanie my assistant will be looking after mumtobe, events and businesses that want to book the 3rd floor.

This place is going to look amazing.
🌸🌸🌸Flower walls everywhere 🌸🌸🌸 and a huge cherry blossom tree in the reception area. The permanent flower walls alone are going to cost an arm and leg, but I want it to look amazing so that's the price you pay.
I've designed and drawn the plans for the whole place myself 😬 cannot wait to see them come to life.

We're hoping to open towards the end of September. There's lots of work to do to get it to where I want it to be - lots of walls need knocking down and new walls adding. We already have plans to open the Mama Sanctuary in other locations and support other likeminded business use our brand to set up their own franchise - watch this space... This isn't just a salon with childcare, this is a whole concept which will take you from Pregnancy to your children being at school.

I'll be looking for 2 childcare staff, a salon manager, nail and beauty therapists, hairdressers, lash technicians, massage therapists.

I'll also be looking for mum to be and new baby gifts to stock in my shop so if you have a business please email me rachael@mumtobe.com

If you would like to know when we're taking bookings please join our email list - we will email when our booking system is up and running and the Mama Sanctuary website is available.

Why Stockport? Stockport has 1billion in regeneration funding approved. Stockport Old Town is a beautiful place - recent redevelopment around the market area, new bars and the Foodie Friday are all great and attract new visitors. Stockport is going to be the new place to be. Huge multi storey car parking across the road from the shop. We love Stockport and I want lots of other people thinking of opening a small business to realise that Stockport does have a lot to offer. We need lots of small independent businesses to fill some of the empty shops in the Old Town, it's such a beautiful little place.

STOCKPORT REGENERATION PLANS:https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/…/stockport-traffic…

Job vacancies will be posted on our facebook page over the next couple of weeks. Interviews will take place in August. Please email your CV and a little info about yourself to rachael@mumtobe.com

Thanks again


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