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Former Strictly Stars Ola and James Jordan Reveal their Pregnancy Joy after Three-Year Fertility Struggle

Dancing stars Ola and James have announced their exciting news - they are expecting their first child. Ola fell pregnant on their first round of IVF treatment after three years of fertility issues. Doctors told them that a natural pregnancy might never happen; so it is thanks to IVF that their dream is coming true, and their baby is due in March.

"It was tough to process. It's not something any couple ever thinks will happen to them," says James.

Sharing the news on her instagram, Ola adds a touching message to couples trying for a baby, "Getting pregnant wasn’t straight forward for us and it’s been a long and emotional journey but we were one of the lucky ones. My heart goes out to all those couples still trying for that magical moment and I’ll always keep a prayer in my heart for you."


Ola shares the moment they caught a glimpse of their baby for the first time, “When we had the scan it was funny because the baby was dancing. I’m not sure if it was a cha-cha or a jive, but it was definitely dancing,” she said.

James, is thrilled at the prospect of becoming a dad, saying, "We've been with each other for 20 years, married for 16, travelled the world, achieved amazing things in our careers: trophies, accolades, Ola won Strictly Come Dancing, I won Dancing On Ice. But finding out that we are pregnant is no doubt our biggest achievement ever. This is probably the most special and exciting thing that has ever happened to us."

The full interview is in Hello! magazine

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