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Top Nursery Trends

Interior design suddenly becomes much more exciting than wallpapering a living room or choosing cupboard handles when you start to plan and decorate your new arrival’s nursery. As with anything design-wise, nurseries too go through trends and this Autumn-Winter there’s lots of great inspiration for you to draw from. Here’s my round-up of the top current trends, alongside a few tips for implementing them easily.

Keep it Neutral

Neutral colours rather than brights or gender-stereotype pink and blue have been long favoured for nursery decoration, and this is set to continue for the foreseeable future. Mix it up and don’t just stick to one shade; instead layer white, cream, beige, light grey and pastel for a relaxed but stylish aesthetic. If you can’t resist a bit of blue or pink, keep it pastel.

Image: Best Friends For Frosting

Monochrome / Colour ‘POP’

Alongside neutral bases, a ‘pop’ of a bright colour can really stand out. Rather than a traditional accent wall or bold bedclothes, accent the room with small accessories. Think lamps, drawers, toys or shelves. The Nordic look is very fashionable this year. Black, white and grey work best to really show off a single bright item or tonal accent. Mustard yellow compliments a monochrome bedroom.

Image: CocoAndJames - Etsy
Image: Bloesem Design

3D Wall Art

Rather than hanging up traditional posters or portraits, exaggerate your wall art by making it stand out – literally. Oversized flowers can be made from fabric swatches or chunky knitted blankets can hang to add some texture. Animal heads (unicorns, zebras, elephants and giraffes) are a big trend this season. Think outside of the box, but remember to keep everything above the height of any little grabbing hands!

Choose Adult Furniture

Adapting adult furniture rather than buying baby-specific updates a room with sophistication and in the long run, saves you money. A chest of drawers can be lined with a mat to make a changing table and a two-in-one cot can simply be converted once your little one’s big enough for a bed.

Invest in Your Space

You’re going to spend a lot of time in this room, so ensure any chair or space for you is comfortable enough for you to sleep in: because no doubt you’ll spending the night at some point! A cosy chair on which you can feed/cuddle/comfort your child is invaluable, and if chosen in a non-statement shade, can be moved elsewhere within the house once it’s no longer required in the nursery.


Less of a trend, more of a practicality: ensure as much furniture as possible is on wheels, so you can move it around as and when required. You may not be planning a move-around in design terms any time soon but it’s important that if for nothing else, you can switch things around and get behind them for cleaning purposes.

It’s easy to see photos of beautiful nursery interiors online and get swept away on a wave of inspiration but decorating yours doesn’t need to be expensive! Search Pinterest for DIY ideas and recycle/upcycle for a unique yet homely look.

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