So....I had an article in a few newspapers recently about how I met Paddy, our whirlwind romance and our gorgeous children. One or 2 headlines read ‘They had 3 babies in 9 months’ I cannot tell you how many people commented ‘triplets then’, ‘that isn’t possible’, ‘how do you get 3 in 9 month, surely it’s more like 18 months’. Those people were too quick to comment, and didn’t bother to read the article. So, I will EXPLAIN....

In September 2016 I had my beautiful baby girl Mollie, just 6 weeks later I found out I was pregnant again - yep, you read that right! I went for an early scan at 7 weeks - I kept having spotting, so expected to be miscarrying after having a molar pregnancy before I had Mollie. The sonographer looked a little confused. We were expecting her to say she’s sorry but the foetus doesn’t have a heartbeat, but instead she said ‘I thought so, there’s 2 in there!’ Honestly, I nearly had a heart attack! Paddy on the other hand said ‘It’s like winning the lottery’. I don’t know many guys that would’ve taken it as well as he did, especially as we had 2 other children and another baby who was only a couple of months old. She thought they were Identical twins as she could only see one placenta, but we had to go back a few weeks later to confirm. They confirmed they were MCDA Identical Twins.

My pregnancy was filled with constant worry, anxiety, ultrasounds every 2 weeks to make sure they were growing ok and not getting TTTS (Twin to twin transfusion syndrome). I was admitted at 28 weeks with pre term labour. I had steroids, nifedipine and lots of other drugs to stop contractions. I spent a good 2 weeks in 2 different hospitals, but the babies managed to stay put. I was due to have a c-section at 36 weeks as Identical twins need to be born earlier with them sharing a placenta. I went back into hospital at 34 weeks as my feet were so swollen - we had been walking round Blackpool the day before, so I put it down to that. Paddy wanted me to check everything was ok, so I went in. I wasn’t having any contractions, but as soon as the midwife put me on the monitor it started to show pretty strong contractions. I told Paddy to stay at home, and I’d pick up a KFC on the way home. This was one of the only times he hadn’t been to the hospital with me. I rang him to say I’m having contractions again but I cannot feel anything. The midwife asked the registrar to come and do an examination. They confirmed I was in labour and needed to go to the delivery suite. I was confused - how could I be in labour but not feel contractions? I imagined a twin labour to be so much more painful. I think it was the way they were positioned in my belly. Or so I thought, until I had Orla. The midwife told me i was having Braxton hicks - an hour later I was on the delivery ward preparing to have an emergency c-section - how wrong was she!

                                                                                                                  Image Credit: Nurtured with love

My gorgeous Boys Niall and Luke were born 5 weeks early, in June 2017 - just 9 months after Mollie was born. So, all 3 were born in those 9 months between Sept and June. This means that they will all be in the same school year. I’m glad Mollie has her brothers to look after her on her first day at school, or maybe she’ll be looking after them as she’s a right bossy boots. I don’t think those 3 will be getting messed about at school ;) God help Mollie when she gets a boyfriend - He won’t get near her with Niall and Luke around.

To the woman that posted a ridiculous comment saying our wedding must’ve been paid for on all the benefits we receive from having so many kids - I think you’ll find we don’t get 1 penny off the government, not even child benefit! You wouldn't get the wedding day we had in Paris on benefits! We both work for ourselves, pay for 3 children to attend nursery - don’t get anything towards it, or any free hours like a lot of people do. Not everyone who has lots of children has them to claim benefits - there is also a thing nowadays called a benefit cap - this is exactly why we're not entitled to a penny. You get penalised for working in this country!

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