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Instagram's Most Stylish Kids

Instagram is the social network for beautiful imagery covering everything in every-day life, but it’s not necessarily your go-to app for fashion inspiration. Yet it totally should be: there’s a growing number of accounts focusing on baby and toddler fashion that include easily accessible and easy-to-style outfits.

Check out our favourites, below. These accounts are have not asked us to feature them  - these are just our personal favourites!


8-month-old Rhylan hails from Melbourne, Australia. Even recovering in a cast with a fractured tibia didn’t stop him looking good. Rhylan loves chunky knit hats and smartens his two-piece ensembles with miniature versions of adult jackets, print tees and chunky roll-neck knits. He's definitely one of the trendiest babies I've ever seen!


12-month-old Nicolas is a sun chaser and mini travel blogger. He loves his baseball caps, big sun hats and oversized cool dude sun glasses. Statement jackets teamed with printed tees and mini suits are his fave looks.Nicholas is definitely one to watch - This is the next cool kid on the block!


Cissi is Mum to beautiful blonde Amelia, a smiley, bubbly toddler full of Scandinavian spirit! Amelia favours chunky boots (often smaller version of adult styles such as DMs, Uggs and Wrangler workboots) in pastels alongside oversized sweaters to stave off the Swedish cold. Matched with a chunky bobble hat or hair in an easy bun, Amelia nails easily achievable but chic Autumn-Winter style.


Little Sienna likes to glam up her outfits with little touches to add a sweep of colour or glitz. Her hair is held back with thick bands often tied in bows and sometimes tucked under bright baseball caps. Sienna’s outfits include subtle touches of style – a lace panel here, a ruffle there – to give an effortless yet fashionable twist to every outfit.


Em has three children for whom she documents outfits on Instagram: JJ, Jack and Ellie. The photos mainly feature JJ, who already has model good looks! JJ’s long tailored fringe smartens any outfit, and he wears quite grown-up ensembles. Jeans are a wardrobe staple alongside oversized jumpers, t-shirts, and open shirts over the top for a masculine but still very cute look!


My personal fave - Mum and daughter duo living in Birmingham. I love their co-ordinating girly looks. This is exactly my style and how I'd love to dress Mollie when she's older. You'd think Galina only shops in Chanel and other designer stores by the look of her amazing photos, but the dresses they have on are actually from ASOS, Next and other high-street stores!

Where to buy these looks....

Oh My baby (

My Baby ships worldwide. A mid-range priced brand catering for little boys and girls, their AW17 collection includes fantastic chunky and colourful knits, thick leggings and adorable mittens. Rather than periodically remembering to browse the online store, you can follow them on Instagram and instead shop whenever you see a piece that spikes your interest!


PatPat is a daily deal trendy clothing site that ships worldwide. Free delivery to the UK with a spend of £30 or more - see shipping details on checkout (average delivery is 4 days worldwide). This store is not only for kids but for babies and mums / dads.

To get 15% off your first order click here and enter "NEWCUS" at checkout.

My 1st years

My 1st years is a personal favourite as i bought lots of personalised gifts for my daughters bedroom before she was born. Now they make a wide range of personalised clothing items. Prince George has a gorgeous dressing gown from here!

Start shopping now and get a free personalisation made with Love.

To finish on...

A key take-away from these accounts is the fact that small statement pieces make a big impression. You need not sculpt an entire outfit for your little one but instead can complement or highlight a colour, texture or feature with one statement piece.

Check them out and get inspired – and share with us your favourite Instagram style profiles! If you think your child is the best dressed or you have a fashionable kids store tag @mumtobe_com or email to be in with a chance of featuring in a future blog.